Monday, September 7, 2009

How to write a Press release for when you get a new client project

I am gearing up for launching a press release campaign, and one of my biggest struggles is once I start I want to keep a consistent flow of articles going out into the world about

With that goal comes the challenge of what do you write about.
The previous blog describes how to write them, how to distribute them and gives some basic ideas on what to write about

But I recently read a press release about a design firm who was hired by a moving company to do their website.

Which I found exciting being that designs for any industry but we seem to have some momentum in designing professional websites for moving and storage companies.

As I was reading I was getting a bit jealous that we weren't hired for such a project, but as soon as I got over my jealousy I realized this was a great example of a press release for the design company and (the client) the moving and storage company.

you can read the article here

But now lets try and analyize the structure so we might be able to apply this press release structure to how next client we sign on that can be beneficial to both us and the new client.

First off they announce that the design firm is a new member of the team, which I have often thought about, your graphic design firm you hire is not a typical vendor similar to your copy guy, printer or web hosting company.

We are more like the PR professional, copy writer and your executive advertising directors.
As graphic designers learn about your business and start developing assets, we learn so much about what makes your business work we often feel like we could sell your products and service. So seeing us as a new member of the team is a "must have" ingredient in writing this announcing new client type of press release.

Next we have the part that is beneficial to the design firm, announce who they are and what their primary purpose is making sure you spell out the keyword that would help in your search engine ranking.

Next have a positive quote from the "new client" describing how pumped they are to be working with the firm and hopefully the reason why they chose this firm.

I recall a new moving company that hired us who simply said, I went with you guys because you have experience in the industry and I don't have to bring you up to snuff!

Up to snuff!?

What a great quote I have wanted to use that in ads and direct mail pieces since it was said.

Now its back to the deisgn firm who can expand either on their concept of how they approach doing this type of project or other projects that they do as well.

Then the benefits of the new client, by doing this project the "new client" will be able to do this then that and even this which they haven't been able to do before.

Then go into detail about the new client
This press release is about the design firm but why not use this platform to cross promote the new client, they hired you, so why not give them a little something back in return.

For example when nopun was hired to do a motion graphics project for a new product offering from pr newswire.

I plastered this all over the place, or every place I could.
This blog, Twitter, facebook, linked in, and basically talked about it to everyone I came in contact with.

So expand on the client and what they offer.

But what I like best about this press release is the cross promoting they do for the client, they don't simply link to their corporate site, they created a separate link for their charities page, a wikipedia page, careers, how to book (the clients most desired call to action), reviews, and supplies.

So where as I am still jealous that wasn't hired for this gig, I admire who they have hired and see that they will be in good hands.

And gives me a great example of how I can write a genuinely well written press release for any new client we may get that will benefit both us and the new client.

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