Wednesday, September 9, 2009

7 deadly sins of website redesign

Here's an article about the sins of changing your website.

It seems as though every few years technology grows so fast that your website will look old and outdated.

Or you just may get tired of seeing it, Or there are new featured that you would like to ad to the site to help you business workflow be more productive.

I agree with the points made in the article that companies need to be aware that by redesigning the site you stand a chance to loose some regular visitors, and or your placement in search engines.

I welcome change, and love taking an old site and redesigning it with new goals in mind, but I think that the new goals should be just for the site layout an functionality, instead it should be an overhual of the marketing online concept as a whole.

Putting anew SEO strategy in place, adding a social media network campaign, using the new design as a vehicle for announcing to your customers that we are improving our company and with that comes better service.

I think the biggest lesson to learn here is that redesigning your site will not increase traffic, but instead should be looked at a fresh start to re building the traffic and business...

check out the article and tell me what you think

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