Sunday, September 13, 2009


I am at odds about the idea of crowd-sourcing, I can actually see the "benefits" of this approach as a designer. As an owner of my own design studio I feel a lot of the creative process is weighed down by client meetings, educating, proposal writing, then after the contracts are signed an almost lawyer approach to monitor scope creep. When most of the time I just want to design. This approach allows a designer to see the information presented, they are given complete creative control over their solution, (they're not plagued with worrying if the "client" will like it) you have the freedom to design what you will like, win or lose, you have this piece in your portfolio, and if you win the job you get the cash without the rigmarole. My only dilemma is how many of these things do you have to do before you are awarded the prize! I feel the client loses the one-on-one with a personal professional designer that can help them achieve their vision, but in this economy a designer is willing to try anything to keep their dream alive...

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