Monday, September 7, 2009

integrated capabilties

It is no surprise that there thousands of not millions of web developers out there, from novice wanna be's to over seas developers, to the small one person firms that claim that they can do it all.

No pun is a two person professional graphic design firm that doesn't believe we can do it all, but tries to be accommodating, if we can't do something we aim to either find the solution or a group that help with the solution. But the main thing we do well is brand a company.

Although the primary tool used for this branding is websites, its not the only thing we do, from customized powerpoint presentations, to motion graphics that can be used as a sales tool or even a commercial, we are pumped about design and love doing it.

Its amazing to us how one project can relate to another. How Once the website, is done then the brochure should follow suit, then the ads, direct mailers and even the business card, should all look like the same company. And each medium has its own set of challenges, print is more permanent than a website, and video is more linear than a flash interactive piece, but when we are working on any of these projects we are aimed at doing the best we can in that medium.

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