Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Small Businesses keep up with technology during a tough economy

Heres an article written by a design firm out in Arizona That boasts about being able to help small businesses stay afloat during these tough times by lowering its rates down to $50 an hour.

Which seems like a good deal being that charges $80 an hour.

I tend to question well how many hours would be needed to get the job done!

I wish we could offer some type of relief to small businesses to help them stay on top of their technology and marketing while in a down time, but I don't think it should be done by lowering the hourly rate. Instead I think sharing as much information on what we do to market your company, educating you on things that you can do internally to help increase traffic/sales to your site is a better option.

So we are dedicated to putting together a series of tutorials that will posting online in our you tube channel, and will vow to keep the videos coming, until we have covered every capability we do. I believe that this approach will help those that are technically inclined and have some free time on their hands.

To help those that aren't inclined and don't have the time we woul like to take on a series of marketing challenges a client may have and try and leverage as many of those projects with in the time constrate of one project.

For example I had a client who wanted to create a micro-site for a niche service, she specializes in hand therapy, and wanted to do sports therapy, so for $640 buck we designed a site, created post cards and developed an eblast so she could get her concept out of her head and into reality.

This is the type of approach I believe can do to help small businesses stay afloat.

If your interested please, contact us today so we can see how we can help you continue to stay up to date with your marketing and online efforts while times are tough, face it it won't be like this forever, and if we can help you through these times we are sure we can help you through the good times when they come around again...

thanks for reading, please tell me what you think of my concept or their article...

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