Monday, September 21, 2009

100 free websites worth $100,000

I just came across a promotion for a web development company in New Zealand,

I have to admit it is a very aggressive offer, in a nutshell they are offering to give away 100 websites for free, each at a value of about $10,000 a piece (125 hours).

I am intrigued with this a promotion, and would consider offering the same, it seems like a great way to keep businesses growing. The benefits would be great for both me and the client, the client would get a free website or collection of projects that would equal 125 hours of design services, then I would get a client who would come to me for any future projects and updates as their business grows.

My only de-lima with this promotions is 125 hours times 100 would be a major strain on the studio especially if no money was coming in.

So I think will be holding off on offering such an aggressive promotion at this time, But I couldn't help to share this companies offering with you guys...

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