Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Do's And Don't with Your Website Design

Here is an interesting read about the do's and don't with your website design.

I particularly like, the focus on content, we all know that you should have a tremendous amount of content on your website that is keyword rich to attract your site to search engines. But The article points out that by having large chucks of text for the user to read will cause them to leave.

The solution is to have small chunks of copy and call to actions to help guide the user through a clean professional design. Personally I think you can have both, have the design focussed on increasing your conversion, then try and add your extensive copy to this design that search engines will see but wont get in the way of the users experience. ie: "below the fold"

Next the article talks about not using stock photography, it takes great amount of time and money to get people to your site, once you have them don't drive them away by having imagery that everyone else uses.

I have a de-lima with this suggestion, being not every client can afford a photo-shoot, or the more expensive stock photography, nor do they have the budget for us to create unique illustrations to explain the page's points, but I do agree that if you use the same cheap photography everyone else is using then it will be difficult to separate yourself from the crowd.

Check out the article, and let me know what you think...


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