Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Something that trumps Content !

I have learned that as a designer I can try and attract attention to a page, ad, eblast, brochure or website, but attracting that attention can’t stand on its own. It needs content to help bridge the viewer from a passer by, to someone who will become truly interested in what the project is promoting.

Content is King and long live the king? Right, well there is something that trumps content, and that’s usability studies, and or focus groups.

Instead of trying to get inside the head of your customers get your customer on the line and ask them. This method is often mostly overlooked, and I feel that a tremendous amount of valuable information comes from this process.

Instead of going with a designers gut instinct or the company’s owner’s personal preference this approach is based on the feedback from your actual customer.

The trick is, that you should be willing to trust the findings and suggestions that come from these findings. Put your personal likes and dislikes to the side and ask yourself, do you want a website that you like or a site that your customers and prospects will like? Hopefully the latter will deliver the desired results of improved business.

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