Thursday, September 24, 2009

Design your home page and forget about it

I just came across this article from Dzine it out of manhattan.

They point out that companies no matter their size makes the common mistake of launching their website then forgetting about it. And its so true. What is fascinating to me is that the internet is such a modular advertising medium. Something that can be updated and maintained with little cost.

And especially with the Google optimizer service offering, a company should really take advantage of this service and try and design test and tweak a site until it converts the best or forever, making sure that the goals of the company are being improved on.

In addition if you want google to rank you higher then you need to constantly need to be updating your content, the spider really love fresh content.

Check out the article here

Get inspired then hire a professional graphic design firm to redesign and keep redesigning your site to prepare for the "next economy"...

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