Monday, September 21, 2009

USA today announces that they will offer design services

Oh boy hold on to your hats.

USA today announces that it will be offering design solutions for companies.

Instead of going to USA today for ad placements they want you to come to them for your eblast campaigns website design and print ads, that wouldn't necessarily be placed in their publication.

I guess I should respond by putting out my own newspaper, for companies to put ads in, and write news worthy articles.

I dunno about you guys but I see this, as the last place I would go to get my marketing from.

I believe that companies "smart" companies hire a design studio to help them not look like everyone else in the publication. Its no surprise that publication have design departments in them, and will include doing your ad with in the cost of the placement, they make their money on placement so its no problem for them to throw in the ad development.

Design studios "good" design studios, are concerned with a lot more than simply doing an ad for you to place in a publication. They are concerned with the overall effects this one piece has on the company as a whole. They look at the big picture and can usually come up with designs, and branding that these publications could never do.

Lets face it the volume and deadlines, and the price the publications have for doing your ad, makes their design process a simple cookie cutter simply swap out your logos, content and photos, then move on approach.

Where a design studio makes its living off of how great your work looks and how your customers react. There isn't a ton of volume so great care is given to each project.

But hey if you wanna check it out be my guest, but after you have wasted your money devloping campaigns and websites that look as bad as everyone else in that publication we do hope you consider hiring a professional graphic design firm, and leave the newpapers doing what they do best...

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