Thursday, September 10, 2009

PPC Success Are the results fake or Real?

A welcoming problem.

This case study published on Google's Site boast how one team of advertisers has the problem of their clients thinking that the business results are fake!

How could such a dramatic increase of business be true?

Especially at such low cost. With other very expensive alternatives don't even come close with these results.

I am a big fan of Google landing pages, and PPC ads, its a sure fire way to get traffic to your site immediately.

But recently I have stopped all campaigns because my campaigns where generating no customers...

I am holding on to the dream that some day I may experience "unbelievable" business results from my Google Campaigns, and I believe this will be accomplished by doing a fresh campaign utilizing Google Optimize with MultiVariate Techniques

I believe my approach was not done in this way and I was basically wasting my money, so I put it all on hold until I can create a clear focussed campaign that test so many different elements that I am sure to find that right combination that will work...

heres a new feature announced to help document experiment notes.
Seems cool!

what a fantastic basis for a google optimizer experiment. to see if it would work for your business...

Here are some tremendous resources on the workflow and process of design in general, but there is a link to high conversion style buttons

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  1. Creating website experiments is one of the best way to improve conversion rates in any online advertising medium. The time for page interaction is so short online that you can not afford to make a mistake in the emotional effect your content has or has not on your prospects. Giving them a "vote" by offering different options is one way to improve their user experience and your conversion rate.
    Having said that, you still need to generate enough traffic in order to gather data in your experiments and you need to have the right combination of service/product - Promotion & visuals in order for the experiment to be worth the cost of creating it, and paying for the traffic. I also found that looking at the GWO data set together with your CRM data can generate some very interesting pieces of information for your sales and marketing. Hope this helps.