Monday, September 7, 2009

A nice twitter trick

I have recently come across a technique that can help.

Answer the question of how do you make money using twitter.

Seems like everyone is talking about how it works but I haven't really seen the benefits as of yet...

So far my strategy has been, to launch and maintain this blog for interesting content and helpful tips to help my "potential" customers learn more about what goes into properly branding their company.

Next is to then try and post links to the post through my twitter updates so my followers can check that out.

but I haven't really seen this generate much activity at all.

How does one find the people that are looking for answer at that moment.

I hope everyone knows about ""

this is a tremendous little tool that can show you the conversations around your search term in multiple areas, specifically in twitter.

But simply typing in "website design"
brings up so many conversations its difficult to find the folks that are struggling with find a solution I possess...

So simply do this trick which can help zero in on some relevant search results.

Type in the search string
best "" ?

by adding best in-front of search term then ending with a question mark your will find people looking for a solution.

Helping you zero in one who needs so help

I am going to be trying this technique for a while and hope that it will increase some genuine qualified traffic to this blog, my corporate site with more desired call to actions of people filling out our get started form which should lead to more new active projects in the studio

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