Friday, September 11, 2009

Is your website passive or aggressive

I came across this article about the importance of a law firm being aggressive about their website instead of simply having a website you should use your website.

It got me thinking about how shifted our focus when the effects of the recession hit us.

I realized that I was too busy doing client work that I never focussed on nopun's site, we barely had anything at the URL much less than any real content.

My motto at the time was why advertise all my business comes from word of mouth, So when the bigs guys left, the only thing in my mouth was my foot.

I vowed to make a fully dedicated attempt to try and do everything that I had been doing for my clients for us. And now we can say we are being aggressive with our website, trying all techniques until I zero in on what is going to work to keep the dream alive.

So please tell us,
Is your website passive (simple online presence) ?
or aggressive (Actively trying to generate new business) ?

Also here is the article so you to can be inspired

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