Friday, August 21, 2009

Writing your press release for SEO

It is no surprise that I have a Company Crush on Creare Group from the UK
Specifically because of their PR campaign and their focus on promoting their studio.

One of their secret weapons is the fact that they consistently launch a press release through practically every other day, that gets indexed by Google every time.

I have been trying to add a press release project to my marketing campaign for No Pun for a while now, but wasn't too sure where to start or on how to do it.

But Wouldn't you know it, the Creare Group has adding a two part series to their YouTube Channel further proving how cool these guys are...

Now its time for action and try and get this project going.

First step in writing Press Release is to develop Topics

be an expert

feature guest writers

summarise or re-visit old content

feature case studies

discuss hot topics

want to know more?

Which can be Company Related or Industry Related

Secondly is "Newsworthy"
Current Events Related to Your company's
ie:Promotions, Products and Services


Current Affairs,
Industry Relevant News
And explain how you could provide solutions to these situations

following these points you can write or research
including what you want to achieve


First thing to develop is the title and your headline

1) attention grabbing and concise (Short and snappy)
2) Keep it relevant (If you promise something in your title, deliver it in the body)
3) Then keep it key word rich (Especially in the title, and the main body)


Structure the press release with the 5w's
1w) Who 2w) What 3w) Where 4w) When & 5w) Why

Then give an overview of your product and services and how it can be beneficial to your customers

Make sure it is punchy and avoid technical jargon that people outside your industry wouldn't understand with out sounding patronizing


Quotes and Statistics (Be sure that the statistics are from relevant sources not opinions from blogs)

Create a human element to the release that people can relate to
Quotes taken from specialist in the industry


Incorporating SEO

Take your two most desired Keywords

title = 1x

headline = if fits

lead in paragraph = 1x preferably at the beginning of the sentence

body = 5x for about 3 paragraphs with about 2 to 5 sentences per paragraph
second key phrase at least 2x in the

Be sure to add tags to the key words (make sure the places you submit your releases to allow tags)

Distributing your press releases
How to distribute your press releases online to help your SEO listings

Now that you have written your press releases with SEO in mind

Be sure that the sites you submit your site to have these 3 elements.
1) A high page rank
2) Relevant Categories
3) The ability to include links

first you should distribute to Google News
Then submit to Digg

Here is a list I ( have been gathering to help get a start with online sites to submit to.
This first one is a paid service but is kinda the authority in press release submissions.
What I like about this is that they cover print in addition to online. It cost but if it pays off then why not?

Next are a few that I want to look into but don't have any details as of yet...

here is a list of over 70 sites !

Then update your facebook, linked in and twitter status with links to these articles

Thanks Creare Group this should give me some time to start writing my releases

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