Friday, August 28, 2009

Content Site vs a Brochure Site

Practically every prospect that comes to no pun undoubtably will ask at some point in the planning process, "will I be able to edit the content?".

I am quick to answer yes we can enable a feature to the site that will help you do this.

I begin to question the question, why do clients ask about this, and as I try and put myself in their shoes, I believe the reason why I would ask that is because I wouldn't want to have to go to a design firm anytime I want to make a change to the website, due to every change will entail a new bill.

In reality most clients after they get their site launched, rarely see the need to change the content, most changes that come up get dealt with in the revisions phase of the project.

So I would like to throw this out there.

What type of site will you want to create, a content site or a brochure site.

A content site is for the companies out there that will be updating changing and adding content on a daily basis. This type of website definitely needs a content management system, that will enable the client to maintain the site internally.

However, if you want an online presence to act as a sales tool, then a brochure site is all that is needed, and the reality is that after the site is completed their will be minor tweaks that wouldn't warrant the need of a content management system...

The amount of money spent on making these minor adjustments, is actually cheaper than the development of a major content management system.

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