Friday, August 7, 2009

Image Gallery

As the owner of a graphic design studio ( I often am faced with the delima on how to present my past work.

I love flash and motion graphics and would prefer to do exciting animations to reveal the design in a clever way.

This approach to showcasing the work can be quit time consuming.
Even if I use a "templated" base approach where I set up a few stock animations and simply swap the example out of the animation, it is still time consuming and can look predictable.

My struggle with how to showcase my work often lends to a select few pieces being showcased or non at all.

I am always looking for an innovative way to display the work but that isn't a bear to keep current.

I recently used a jquery plug in to handle the image gallery solution for a client project for Bayshore Brightwaters Ambulance and Rescue's website this effect has a subtle transition that is nice and is easy to maintain.

I recently came across this tutorial that was not only helpful in showing how to get the effect to work but also give a great demo of the effect as well.

I will most likely take a look at how this effect could solve my portfolio updating problem.

Stay tuned.

You can check the effect out for yourself by visiting

here are a few more

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