Monday, August 31, 2009

Now is the best time to start a business

This press release originally written by Puts into words what I have been thinking since the recession hit.

I think people are beginning to rethink ways to make money. I think we realize that no job is really "stable" and the only real guarantee or security we can really count on is one we create for ourselves.

I am hoping that we can all get are businesses in order while the economy is down, so that we have a firm foundation in place when the economy picks up.

I know for my business I was too busy doing client work that I never really had a marketing plan or strategy. I have since changed my focus in a dramatic way, and have looked at all that I have done for clients in the past making sure I am doing the same for my business, along with a few new things I am trying.

This in itself is an almost full-time job and I am realizing that the biggest challenge is maintaining this marketing campaign while business starts to pick back up...

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