Thursday, August 6, 2009

Altruistic Superhero

If at first No Pun can’t meet a client’s needs, we will try and find the person who can, or we will learn what is needed so that we can help the client achieve his goal.

Here are two situations that illustrate these points.

Going the Extra Mile
Recently, No Pun Intended was invited to place a bid on developing a website for a local rescue ambulance company. The organization was about to do a major fundraiser and wanted to get a new website up and running in time for the event.

After a few discussions we knew what was needed and what it would take to get the job done. But there were two glitches.

  • The site would require back-end programming (the coding that gives our design life on the web page) that we did not usually handle.

  • In addition, the site needed additional programming for a complex calendar of events, an image gallery and a few other things that went beyond our standard offerings.

The client liked a past project we did for Pro Art’s Jersey City in which we had collaborated with an outside programming company. Why not take that approach again – and keep the client happy?

But nothing is ever simple. All details must be spelled out when subcontracting with another firm. If there is not full understanding at the start of the project about what is to be included – and what is not – there can be unpleasant surprises, also known as “out of scope” charges.

So we carefully outlined the scope and confirmed it with the client. Even though we spent hours in developing the proposal, one necessary feature was omitted. Unfortunately, it turned out that the feature could not be easily or inexpensively added. With the No Pun reputation on the line, we decided to learn how to add the feature ourselves and within two weeks we were able to give the client what was needed. And as a bonus, we learned a new capability that we can now offer future clients.

Getting the Job Done, Even if Someone Else Does It A prospect came to us with a $30,000 project within a six--week time frame. Now in this economy who wouldn’t love that!

However, the client was committed to using a programming language we had not yet used. It was clear there was no time for us to learn it. Through our professional associations and personal networks, we were able to find two separate experts to work with the prospect to achieve the goal.

No Pun wants to become a trusted business partner and we’ll go to great lengths to demonstrate our commitment. Send us a note at 631 942-4884 or email us at and let us know how we might help you with your next challenge.

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