Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Enough talk and more work

We would love to have every project that comes into the studio be

There is nothing brief about a creative brief, you need to look at the project from many different angles and try and have enough foresight to make sure you accommodate every aspect of the job before the designer begins.

We have many forms, tools and questioners to try and help clients get the bottom of a creative brief and allows them to consider everything needed for the project before we begin.

What we have found is that although these briefs make it easier for the designer or a design studio to do great work, it really isn't necessary, with a bunch of work for the client.

Hiring a studio that can do great work but needs to be led by a creative brief vs. a studio like no pun who you can call up tell us you challenge and we will deliver you a solution. Usually before the other studio would even begin.

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