Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Google is changing their search engine algorithm

"Google has unveiled Caffeine, a "next-generation architecture" for its Web search platform. The retooled search engine is said to be faster, more accurate, and more comprehensive than the current Google search setup."

Google's test site for their new system can be found at

Any time Google changes this system it shift all the placements around. If your site was on the first page of a key phrase before this change you may not be after the change.

So all that hard SEO work you did has gone to waste!

For example I recently discovered was placing Fourth from the top on the second page for the search term professional graphic design (which is awesome)

However it is nowhere to be found on their test site!...

But on the other hand if after the change I show up closer for the word "design" which is my most optimal key-phrase from my PPC campaigns then the change will be great.

I won't hold my breath on that one thought...

One thing is for sure with this change will come a change to your keyword positioning...

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