Thursday, August 27, 2009

innovative web design development

What makes a website design innovative?

How about a site that not only ranks well in google but speaks to your customers as well.

A stunning website that is chock-full O desired keywords, without seeming to be hitting the website reader over the head, making it obvious that the content they are ready was written more for search engines instead of the reader.

Also a website design that not only looks outstanding but is compliant and looks the same no matter which browser or operating system the visitor is using.

Adding the "wow" factor to your site is apart of making your website innovative but so is the download time, making sure that the content loads first and parts of the "wow" factor is loaded before the visitor leaves, remember the average time anyone will ever spend on your site is about 2 minutes!

And lastly don't look like everyone else, be innovative and try and break away from the norm, at the same time keeping familiarity, if users are used to seeing elements in a certain way don't innovate there, innovate with your design not on the usability...


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