Sunday, July 19, 2009

"You Don't Need a Website"

You don't need a website that acts as an online brochure you need a website that can streamline your business process.

I found this great podcast that demonstrates these point;

Have you ever thought about using the web to streamline your process?

Taking your existing business process and making it more efficient and more simple to do.

Every business is different, so we would need to examine your business and see how we as experienced web designers can show you how to streamline your process.

Something as simple as publishing your menu online where a person can place an order by filling out a form that is sent to your email and purchased through paypal.

Once this is online how do you get the word out.

you can use PPC or even traditional marketing tools like a bcard with the web address, and hand it out to your customers as they visit your store.

Heres a perfect example of how this company has utilized its website for their business

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