Friday, July 24, 2009

Branding Metrics

What I like about this selection is the diversity of the styles, so many times these types of showcases tend to present designers that share a similar look and feel, where as this one runs the gamut If this doesn't get you out of designers block I dunno what will

minimalist sites

Branding trends and research

Simple site design

Typography sites

heres the greatest place to find the top websites for a specific industry

Think about is illustrations would work for your design

Examples of site's that break out of the typical 3 coulmn layout...

This is the closest example of of a list of top brands' websites that can be used to help "define" a brand attribute

Top brand logos and who designed them

how about putting the face behind a website!

footer design inspiration

At the beginning of every web project I start I ask clients to tell be brand attribute words that describe what kind of business they like to thing they are...

Otherwise known as mood boards

how to create one

There may be a bit of digging to find what your looking for but this site could prove to be the best place to start

"search design inspiration"

search flickr for inspiration boards seems like a tremendous resource for this type of research...


tremendous call to action buttons

some more inspirada

Destination Hospitality Inspirada

Custom 404 page ideas

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