Friday, July 24, 2009

How to create a web presenter

Ok so this really kicked my but, boy are there a few things that needed to be worked out when trying to do my first web presenter.

I hope these notes can help not only me in the future but anyone else looking to do a web presenter...

First of all the reason why I had so much trouble is that there is more than one way to skin a cat.

And of course I had to try a few ways that made the whole thing very messy...

But here is the workflow that I believe can work.

1) Write the Script;

No Matter how smart you are, (and I am pretty smart) you will mess up the simplest topic if you don't have a script.
I only had three lines to deliver, and when I was left to my own devised and went on tangents that cluttered the message.

SO write what you want to say and try and stick to it, the real challenge here is to say the script without looking like your reading it, a challenge that gives me a whole new respect for the acting profession.

2) Layout the project in illustrator, as a story board, This will help you stay on track throughout the project. At this stage I tried to just make it look good, think about what would make this a good idea, and then go with it.

3) Film it, the camera you use isn't as important as the light.
Make sure you set an area that has great lighting...

also its helpful if your filming yourself to have a monitor that you can glance as that can help you adjust the composition.

Make sure you have a nice neutral background as well. busy patterns and motion can slow down the video streaming when it goes live...

4) Edit the film.

Leave your set up installed until after you start uploading the project. (you may choose to re film something)

I captured the movie using imovie, (because I didn't have final cut pro installed and didn't see quickly enough how to capture using Adobe Premiere)

Once captured I brought the footage into premiere for editing (slicing up pauses)

Export that into Adobe After Effects, where color correcting was done and the final shot was composited. With the help from assets created in the illustrator phase.

5) Get it live.

Ok so once I got the film looking the way I wanted it was time to export to the web, I knew flash was going to be involved, (I Tried the export as xfl format which was very big and the audio didn't work...

So I decided to use Sorenson Squeeze 5 which has the ability to export a compressed file that has a transparency channel set.

In After effects be sure to export as quicktime with rgd+ (the plus means alpha)

Drop that into squeeze and choose one of the flv setting, (which I wished was swf, the swf would have added more of an illusion of the presenter being inside the page) but would have not had any pause or mute controls, (which I would rather someone hitting mute or stop rather than closing my browser)

I like to choose F8_768K
then resize the file in dreamweaver to whatever size you need.

double click the VP6 Pro icon under the triangle

be sure the pulldown says On2 VP6 Pro (this is what makes the magic work)
Then check that Compress Alpha Data is selected
25% is ok to use...

Take the completed squeeze file and drop it into a div in dreamweaver,
dreamweaver has two places for the wmode
(default to opaque)

we need to change that to transparent...

Upload the files and you should be done.

Best way is for you to build a website presenter is not not even do it yourself.

Leave it to the pro's

hire Nopun!...

as of July 31st

there hasn't been a dramatic decrease in the bounce rate...
However it has decreased.

After further review of the video I want to change a few things I would like to basically redo this piece then have these top 3 things I want visitors to know to come out when I mention them...

Also I was thinking of actually changing this video intro on a regular basis...

A way to keep the site fresh, although this may be fun for me, my return visitors aren't as large as the amounts of "new" visitors I get, so updating the video piece on a regular basis will be kinda pointless...

An updated video for my client link could be a cool idea though. sorta a weekly address...

here's to hoping that web presenters will decrease the bounce rate on website traffic and increase in users sticking to the site long enough to want to contact me or fill out my get started form...


A friend recently shared apiece with me that she did for her graphic design studio I think she did an outstanding job. showcases her work really well. and presents herself in a sympathetic way and a personality that you can truly relate with.

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