Sunday, July 19, 2009

Small Website Envy

When Nopun was hired to redesign the Moishe's Website, There was a specific goal in mind with a specific purpose.

We needed to develop a site that would set Moishe's Apart from all other moving Companies out there.

The moving industry is bombarded with anyone with a truck who claims to be a "professional" mover. They can help give this appearance with the ease of creating a professional looking website, and paying the money to get the clicks to their site.

Although there is nothing professional about them, they will quote a job to get it booked then once the truck is loaded they will demand thousands more and if you don't pay you dont get your stuff...

So the goal of the site was to build a site so well designed and so large with content that it will clearly demonstrating Moishe's superiority.

We analyzed some of the most successful companies' websites for about a year, determining what elements are being used in the design of these websites.

We then try and use these devises to design the site. As a result the Moishe's site looks something different from all other moving websites out there.

Of course this doesn't mean you have to design a site with a million pages to it. Sites of all sizes can be successful.

I came across this article that will surely help in weighing the pros and cons from different size options.

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