Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Project Management

I have always been fascinated with how we as designers do the same type of projects like website design over and over and the process on how we design the website seems to always be different. I subscribe to the theory that creativity belongs in the project and not on how the project is done. 

MS Project or any of the thousands of other project management tools can help "capture" the process as we go through them. I try and capture all the processes we go through with each new project, hoping to see a repeating pattern, So the next time this project comes around I can plan for the un-expected.

Like if the entire website needs to be reprogrammed due to it not looking right on an older version of Internet Explorer, not only do we clarify this task for the next project but we include some "trouble shooting" time in the next project so to cover any un-foreseen problems.

The thought is we may have to eat some hours on this project, we most likely wont on the next and eventually we'll have a workflow that is without obstacles that bring a project to a halt.

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