Sunday, July 19, 2009

Fastest Way To Get Your Web Design Coded

As a designer I find the most exciting part to any website design is the designing of the site.

that initial first step of laying the foundation of the design. I love exploring different options and how a simple change of an element can dramatically effect the overall feel of the site.

This is my greatest thrill.

On the other hand the part of the job I hate the most is when I set up the code...

I got the site looking just the way it should send it off to the client for review /approval, to only be told about some horrible mishap with the design. 

Mainly because they are using a PC using internet explorer.

When I design on a mac using safari.

there are a million and one things a web developer needs to consider when designing a website and the amount of things that can go wrong with all the different web browsers and operating systems...

At times this can be a great challenge, and becomes a type of game that you just NEED to figure out on your own.

But as a business owner if I spend more time than I am getting paid to make sure a form element aligns the proper way on all of these browsers and can't figure why, then it may be best to pass it off to a service?...

My issue with this is that the more I have to farm out the more elements that can aaid in a project going wrong. Ie; once I tried one of these services and thought this would be great to pass this frustration off to someone else, to only get an automated response when I filled the form out that they are too busy and not taking orders!

Hence if you want something done do it yourself.

But I gotta admit it would be great if I could design the site get the client approval then pass it off to a service to make the site functional.

I found this comprehensive list of such services and may consider trying again if the project workload becomes more than I can handle...

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