Sunday, July 26, 2009

Fantastic SEO News for no pun

About a month or two ago I have been diving full force into developing an aggressive search engine "SEO" marketing campaign for

I have been patient and trying to be "smart" on what to do to try and show up on "anything" related to what we do and offer our clients...

Our pay per click (PPC) campaign has shown that the keyphrase that benefits us the most is the single word "design"

which is horrible news, for us because have a single word key-phrase instead of a term is an almost impossible task.

But hey I gotta at least try right!

SO I have been doing my work ,and running reports weekly to just try and see some type of "life".

I don't care at this point which phrase I appear on I would just like to see me appear.

And behold Today I have found it!

its not that great of a term and, I really don't think I am going to get to much business from it...

But I appear on page 9 in position 86 for the phrase "professional graphic design portfolio"

So now my goal will be to continue to "optimize" for that phrase to see if I can get that page to the first page.

If I can do that I will hope that I show up for another phrase by then so I can try and bring that to the first page.

I don't have much hope for showing up on the first page for most active word "design" (But I can always keep that in my PPC campaign and I noticed I can buy banner add space from the top organic choice for design at a reasonable rate)


Not to sure how this happened But I ain't complaining either...

I posted an article on how to create a web presenter here on this blog...

and wouldn't you know that I show up on page 1 position three for the key phrase
"create web presenter"

now that aint to bad...

1st on how to create a web presenter

Results 1 - 10 of about 2,170,000

page 3 position 3 for web presenter

that's pretty cool

I guess if anything writting blogs is the way to go?...


Now even greater news...

did you know that through your gmail account you can set up webmaster tools that can give you some cool information about your site...

who links to it

and what the top key phrases for your site and what position your on...

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