Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Social Media?


There is so much buzz about social media my head is spinning...

Especially because no one seems to know or everyone "enjoys" not knowing what it is, how it can help your business grow, and how to do it...

Here's an interesting article talking about the rise of the social network popularity growing "because of the recession?"...


Dunno if that's the reason it may be two separate issues. But it is clear that more and more companies are looking to integrate a social media concept wit-in their marketing strategy.

So ask yourself do I have one?

Then start asking what is social media,

Then you too can start "enjoying" not knowing what its all about...

Here's a quick FREE thing you can try to get a quick understanding on how social media works for your business...

1) visit
2) type in your most desired key phrase you think or you know your customers would search to find what you do. (mine was "web design")
3) Behold!, you will see all the people that are talking about that subject right now on all the majore Social Newtorks ie;
a. twitter
b. friendfeed
c. blogs
d. Truveo "video"
e. technorati
f. wordpress
g. Bing News
h. You Tube
i. Twigly
j. Ask
k. Yahoo
l. google blogs
m. Digg
n. flickr
o. delicious
p. Blinkx
q. Wikio

wew, I am glad thats done was almost out of letter!

4) Now the business growing part if you see a post that you could help this person out with then post it!

Thats it ins a nut shell.

although the chances of them hiring you directly may not be that great, (it's possible) and the more you post and get your name out there the more your search engine ranking will like it and the more people will become aware of who you are...

This much I know is true.

Top 100 Social Media Cheat Sheet for Business

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