Friday, July 24, 2009

Banner Ads ?

I get excited when I think of the idea of doing a banner a ds campaign that would compete with major brands.

But I usually get discouraged by the outrageous rates and the size of the budgets they require.

I have it in mind to get to in a future marketing tier, but only when my company can afford it.

So while we wait for the company to reach the next level. Its good to know where to go when that time comes. Here is a rising star company that is setting out to do banner ad campaigns in a more effective way than previously available.

The old saying is if you have to ask how much then you can't afford probably holds true in this case. But its good to know about these guys, and would be a good resource to try and tap into to try and get some ideas.


For Small business

Google adwords allows you to have banner ads.

And Fetchback is one of the coolest concepts ever developed.

But how do you build an effective banner ad campaign?

Each size presents a different set of obstacles.

and you can't fit design for all...

In addition here are some helpful things to consider when starting a banner ad campaign

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