Sunday, July 26, 2009

Increase sales through your website

No Body wants to be "sold" by a perfect stranger
online offline and all points in between...

The recent buzz online is that to increase your sales your should put a "personal" spin on your sales message.

The theory is that people want to know who their doing business with.

I gotta admit I like the sound of this.

Hince I recently put my personal touch to to see if I can increase get started forms filled out or more calls and inquiries.

I want people to get to know who they will be working with through my website instead of just showcasing the work that I have done for others online...

Its too early to say if adding this personal touch has increased any activity but I am hoping.

And I think if it doesn't work there may be the idea that the actual approach I chose might have been wrong as apposed to dumping the idea of the personal touch altogether...

I came across an article that gives some examples on how you can get in touch with a personal message and I think they are some good ones...

1) Try and address a single person instead of an entire audience.
2) testimonials (Publish some bad ones along with good ones so the prospect knows it's real.
3) Use images (Tell your story through well illustrated images) I tend to showcase pictures of people enjoying the product or service. and if you can illustrate it with some type of cool diagram people would rather try and adsorb your message instead of reading it
4) Offer Bonuses (Give the viewer a reason to act, like they 'd be missing out on a great deal if they let this one pass) – I gotta admit I can't quit figure out what nopun's "bonus" would be..
This web developer offers a free SEO Review? maybe that would work?
5) Ask for the sale (At the conclusion to my personal touch piece I say if you have a project in mind let us know) Why just showcase what you can do and your product offering if you never ask them to buy now?

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