Thursday, July 16, 2009

Fantastic css Gallery

What is CSS?

Well in short css, and css sites are what makes current websites, web 2.0 compliant. 

Google loves it loves, php and other programming technologies love

And you know what, Designer's love it.

With CSS if and when you get past the hurdle of learning this new approach after years of designing with tables and a whole other skill-set.

Once you get over the hurdle, with css you can do things the old ways could never imagine.

I have always been a fan of flash, and that was because with flash i could layout things in ways simple html and tables couldn't do.

But now I don't need to rely on flash with all of its limitations.

In addition I could do some crazy animation and user interactions that made navigating sites really cool.

Css doesn't animate per-say  but jquery can and it integrates well with in css.

But css can now let designers layout pages in ways they want the page to be seen instead of conforming to the limitations of html technology.

Check out this site here they showcase a variety of great css sites for inspiration for your next project. The site is updated daily so come back again and again.

If and when you are moved by something and you can't wait to try it on your site, be sure to contact to get your website design done.

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