Friday, July 31, 2009

Tips on why you should blog on your own URL

I thing there are some valid reasons here as to why you should blog on your own website. Particularly when it come to tracking...

However, I would like to try and "debate" some of the points a bit...

1) there are "stereo types" as to what platform your blog runs on, ie: this one is using "blogger"
whereas there may be a stereotype with the platform, there is also familiarity...
People regardless of their thoughts on the brand "blogger" its still a brand that someone is aware of, whereas when you host on your own site you have your own brand to solely rely on...

2) External URL, yes the url is different that

but that is intentional. Traffic driven to my corporate site from this blog is a "side effect" not the actual goal to my blog writing.

I write blogs to increase the amount of content about graphic design and website design, to rank higher in search engines and try and come closer to the first page in an organic search engine placement.

In addition to relevant content and plenty of it search engine love "links" to your site

Hence the "external URL" for this blog and my insistence on posting comments on any and every blog I see that has relevant content to my cause...

But I do have to say I will most likely convert this blog to the nopun site for the branding a tracking purpose... (Once I have time)

Which is another reason why I have this blog in use, I didn't need to worry about "designing and branding this thing before using it"

Check out the 19 reasons why you should host your blog on your site;

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