Monday, July 20, 2009

15 sites web developers and designers should know

An alternative to browser shot.
this is a solution by adobe, that checks browsers on multiple browsers and operating systems

see your site through multiple browsers sizes

An alternative to type tester

Heres a place where you can upload a custom font and it will display that way on your web browser as html text!

The 15 sites is growing to way more than 15!

css resets

an awesome way to get feedback on a design is to use
this allows people to see your design comp for only 5 seconds then they get to list the 5 things they remember from the site, hopefully you they will see what you want them to see

Here is the latest round up of some really great tutorials and topics for web development


css workflow (the four bubbles model)

usability study on the effects of the page fold.

Showcase of clean simple easy web application user interface

Crazy ass grid layout tutorial

CSS comment boxes for a blog

Crating charts (

javascript charts

milk charts

Collection of inspirada and tutorials

How to protect forms from span and generate passwords and such php

Here is a great collection of some free snippets and tools to help create clean css

learn how and why you should use css resets

Here is a list of some fantastic proposal/process ideas and some practical workflow ideas

Ok so I was feeling pretty cocky when I noted the first few and said up I know about that but then I scrolled down! What a tremendous insight to a mess load of tools that will make my day a little easier...

these are some fantastic ways you can "test" website using firefox plug ins...

bowser checking
see the site over all operating systems and browsers validator

here is a round up of 100 plus resources.
my favorite one is the html cheat
can't wait to try that one out

design with icons!
if you can't find anything good from this list then you need to have that looked at by a doctor

heres a few more

please excuse the duplicates

something to consider when wanting to use commercial fonts in your website design

free fonts

psd tutorials

psd brushes

Free Textures

if you are at loss with what to do or where to start here is a blog with a list of 22 blogs that have a million and one tutorials on how to design using photoshop.

how to conduct a website usability focus group study

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