Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Advertising on facebook

Not only does advertising on facebook seem to be a great idea,

the research tools that it provides could prove to be indispensable to the start of any new project...

there is a lot of buzz about when designing something for a client you usually ask who are we designing this for (who is the target audience)

But the buzz is saying to take this one step further and try and find (one person to target)

Instead of designing and addressing your entire target audience as a whole, try and zero in on one persona (hence the facebook targeting research feature)

I am hoping to use this tool as a way to try and zero in ona particular persona that I can keep in mind when designing something.

Subscribing to the theory that if I can connect with that one persona then I should be able to connect to all...

Heres a great case study on how to use facebook advertising

see you on the other side...

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