Monday, July 20, 2009

The Process of webdesign

I love how clients say oh we just need a quick website done, and being that your a professional web developer that shouldn't be a problem.

I have created a collection of questions that help get the ball rolling on any new project. But what I have found is that most clients come to me wanting me to figure all of this stuff out. As if I was a "business guru" instead of a website designer...

Proof is when I used to have this questionnaire as my contact form, and never got them submitted on website.
Needless to say a simple contact form worked neither, but simply putting my phone number in the top righ of my page, I am getting more and more inquiries.

So whether the client fills it out or I fill it out on our conversations these topics need to be considered when developing any new project...

Here's a useful article that clearly showcases all the things that need to be considered when starting a new web project.

Here is some more things to consider when starting your first website project

Here are some behind the scenes to all that goes into setting up a website for the web...

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