Friday, October 2, 2009

Client Feedback and Criticism

I have often struggled with how to handle client feedback in a way that doesn't make me look "difficult" or "pompous". The stereo type of a designer, "if its not my idea then it's not a good one". On the contrary I believe that often a clients feedback could actually elevate a design to a better level.

But with that said I can't help but to get my panties in a bunch when I here "did you think about doing this" or "I love it but..."

I pour my heart and soul into every design I do. Trying to hit the mark for the client and their target audience. But before we can launch a project we have to get the sign off from the client "who doesn't have a design background". It seems as though a lot of times a client will see a design that is leaps and bounds better than what they are used to, and then they begin to nit pick or remove all that is creative in the design. "It is no wonder why there is so much bad design in the world".

I wish that all clients would just trust the designer instead of trying to put their two scents in.
But with that said graphic design is a business, if I wanted to be a pompous ass who could have complete creative control I would be a fine artist who would try and sell painting through galleries. A luxury only few in the world get to live on.

So for me to be successful in this business I need to continue to try and be more helpful, and not so defensive with client criticism. And try and be "easy" to work with so they keep coming back, and recommend me to their friends and colleagues. Who intern will only bring even more un educated, creative stomping criticism. So the key as a professional graphic designer is to do the best work I can but not be so attached to it, and focus on how to "work with the clients better" and help them through the process.

I came across this article that has some great insights on what is going through my mind when hearing criticisms and how I should react.

Check it out and please feel free to way in on the subject I'd love to hear from you.

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