Sunday, October 11, 2009

The stuff often overlooked in web design

I came across a recent blog my a back end developer "venting" about the clients he has, usually over look some critical aspects of website design. They seem like little things but I can see his frustration, a developer shouldn't be forced to make these design decisions at the site build out phase.

I want to point out that it doesn't matter if its the designer or the developer that comes up with the "marketing" spin on these minor website elements, But someone should whether its a copywriter, pr person, vp of marketing or whomever. All aspects of your website design should be geared towards giving a unique experience to your visitors.

I agree that there are a ton of little things that rarely get considered. That in my opinion would make a difference. For example a custom 404 page that is kinda funny like or a thank you page that isn't a generic message of a rep will contact you shortly. Like mailchimp inviting the visitor to share a banana with them by linking to the original Chiquita banana commercial And details like a favicon, and even page titles, & seo descriptions and keywords. There are a lot of things that go into developing a website, that goes beyond the design of a few pages, and everyone should be aware of the impact they have on the impression of your website...

Check out his rant here and share your opinion...

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