Sunday, October 11, 2009

Recap taking your site from 1 to 1 million users

I came across this really awesome video snippet from some geeky web app conference.

I was intrigued by the title taking your site from 1 to 1 million users

Now I don't build web apps nor do I plan to. But what I find valuable here.

is to look into the techniques to build users, and think of it in terms of how you could build traffic or prospects to your business's website.

While taking the notes from the video and placing it here I could immediately see how I could utilize some of these ideas to help my design studio website.

Check out the video and place your business into the concept and see what you come up with.

Share your ideas here, I'd love to hear your spin on them

1) Ego
ask yourself does your feature stroke the ego in any way

what emotional rewards do they walk away with, gaining reputation (badges) showcase

a) followers
like twitters (number of followers)
more followers the better contest who can have most followers
gives the appearance of an audience.

b) leader boards
every one wants to see their name in light!

2) Simplicity
Don't overbuild features.

focus on 2 to 3 and try and do them well
is there anything we can take out of this?

cleaner design and faster page load

3) build and release
stop thinking you understand your users.
learn from what they are doing on your site
decide what your going to do and do it, don't get into analysis paralysis

get it out there see how users use it then tweak it

4) Hack the press
invite only system?

limited number of available slots available
talk to junior bloggers (find the greenest blogger and tell them about your story)
attend parties for events you can't afford make a list of people you want to be partnered with, follow them on twitter (bring an iphone with you with the DEMO) and have a 30 second pitch ready with how your pitch could work for them.

5) Connect w/your community
start a podcast through itunes
throw a launch party then yearly or quarterly parties.
tell everyone you'd like to be there and then try and find their friends and tell them.
reserve a spot at a bar, tell them its a bday party of about 20 people and don't worry if 75 plus show up
try and schedule the party when conferences are near

6) advisors
collect a resource of advisors
people that are smarter than you, that won't charge you
give them stock compensations

7) leverage the user-base to spread the word

a) thank you page tweet to complete, instead of a simple thank you page have a tweet to complete call to action that has a generic message of Just visited ( Can't wait to see how they can help me out...

then give them something for promoting you by adding keywords that pertain to that user "keywords" that they are passionate about (note you may have to add keywords to your contect form to find this out)

then add a send and add yourself to your twitter account

b) add a welcome window to your website make sure this is a first time visitor
welcome to your
then a nice "green-light" button to have the user do your most desired call to action
then give the option of no thanks I am just browsing

9) analyze your site
google analytics

10) step back and look at the big picture

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