Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Writing Content

It is no surprise that I don't like writing content.

Next to cold calling, writing is one of my most dreaded things.

This reaction is due to a lifetime dedicated to communicating "visually."

I would rather illustrate the cover of a book than to actually read the book. (Of course you can't illustrate the book without reading it.)

But like cold calling, copy writing is a necessary business evil.

If I plan to succeed with my "professional graphic design studio"
I must advertise it and promote my business any way I can.

In the last few months, I have seen how effective blogging and press release writing has dramatically increased traffic to my site, resulting in leads that turn into customers.

So I see that writing content for these mediums is a must. And, I am determined to get over the hump and be able to write quality content that helps folks become aware of my design studio.

I came across an article today that has inspired me on the subject of content writing.

Its notes how "Screenwriters" go about writing a screen play. The author of the article points out the similarities of the screenwriting process to the goals of effective marketing campaigns for businesses.

I have to say I am inspired by the topics and will put into play some of the ideas.

Check out the article here and let me know your thoughts on the topic...

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