Monday, October 5, 2009

How many pages you should write for your SEO Campaign

Today we have a helpful tip on how many pages you should write for your desired key phrase for your SEO campaign.

I have always know that if you use googles site search you can see how well a competitor is doing with google. However, I have never thought of adding the desired key phrase to that search string. Which results in the exact number of about how many pages you will need to conceptualize, optimize and add to your website to try and get close.

We are talking about the "tricky" subject of SEO here, I love to hate this part of marketing because it feels like voodoo magic. With all the work you do, as potentially doing better with no real guarantee that it will work at all. But it is a necessary evil and we keep trying until we get the results we need.

check out the article here and post your comments thoughts and reactions!

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